I've learned to draw being already quite old enough... 34... And  it was not my purpose actually))) Not at all!

At that time I had just had my first book publishing contract for Kouzya The Cat Book and my editor could not find an illustrator who could draw that Kouza in the way we both saw this character... Suddenly a quick thought rushed through my mind: what if I could do this myself?

Actually I could not. But somehow I decided to learn to draw.

Bratec Lis Art and Illustration school was the first link I found in my browser and...

...And here my art&illustration passion began! 


My first illustration classes were all in goose bumps and brain orgasms)))) It was something incredible... Like love... And I will always be grateful to my creative and boisterous teacher Tatyana Nikitina for support, for struggle, for making me feel capable and special. She is one of the best people I have ever met.


Need to say here that before that crucial moment I had worked as a lecturer for Moscow Lomonosov’ State University and translator, co-authored a tutorial book on consecutive translation (http://www.labirint.ru/books/194026/) and worked as an editor-in-chief for one of significant Moscow translation agencies - good career in  quite a different field, you know... It was so hard to jump into art... But somehow I did. I don't know... It was something you never plan, just do.

Was it silly enough? I guess so... But for me at that time it was like question of life and death, and I've chosen life.

I guess I would never be able to crack this hard nut without support of my best lets-do-something-crazy-together friend and my husband Pavel Sergievsky. This person is a treasure, I'd say) And without my wonderful kids Sofya and Egor - my inspiration and my love.

Now please be tolerant to my little big talk for I'm so honestly proud of every achievement in my second life,  proud like a child indeed. Ok, here we go...

 It’s a great honor for me to be the Best Lermontov’ Illustrator Competition winner 2014 (organized by Tarkhany Lermontov' State Museum). I participated in such exhibitions as Book Illustration-2015, Time Maze-2016, Osten Biennale of Drawing, Botanicals, The Art of Doll-2016, Fumetto - 2017 and some others.

I am a finalist of VII International Competition New Kids’ Book in New Illustration for Kids nomination; semi-finalist of All-Russia Competition of Fairytales for Kids - 2016, and finalist of International Art Competition Fomenar Prize 2017.

My work Alexander is currently located in Tarkhany Lermontov' State Museum; and a couple of works - War Icon and Planet of People - are part of Osten Museum artwork collection.

I have authored art-therapeutic workshops for kids Practical Magic Of Your Dream and Make Your Fantastic Beast Real, which were joyful part of All-Russia Children’s Book Festival - 2016 and 2017.

My illustration portfolio includes some children’s books projects as well as illustrations for popular-science and academic projects, and here you can have a look at some fresh oil on canvas.

Recently I've enjoyed the most insightful collaborations with absolutely incredible people:

Jungian philosopher and writer Helena Bassil-Morozow (some project illustrations are here; the book is available for purchase here);

Absolutely magical healer Valery Ryazanov (some project illustrations are here; the book is available here).

To end this long talk I'd like to say that I am deeply grateful for your interest and...

From the bottom of my heart

I wish you all the best on your life path,

my dear guest!




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